Proteque | People and press
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People and press

Some of the people I have worked with.

Pilvari Pirtola (Nosfe) – A finish contemporary artist. I had the honour of doing the sound for the short movie “the world must burn” that was screened at Solskogen 2011, the screening of experimental movies on at Helsinki Short Film Festival and at the Art Center Mältinranta in Tampere.

Øystein Hauge – A norwegian writer best known for his poetry. I had the honour of doing a soundscape around Hauges poetry from the books Stilleben (2010) and “Predikanten” (2011).

Stein Vegard Stavik – A norwegian composer and guitarist. We joined forces in the Orbitoclast project during 2012 and had our first release in 2013.

Greger Stolt Nilsen – A norwegian master of fine art. We worked together on the dark ambient release Forty Five Degrees. Nilsen also helps me out a lot in my composing process with important feedback.

Jimi Thaule – Owner of Grimtown Records. I am included in a few of the collections from Grimtown Records over the past years.

Mikal Kolbein Gule – Norwegian writer. Worked together for the first time in “The Stain” project.

Some stuff from the press

Screaming Silently

Side-Line Music Magazine – “Screaming Silently is a voyage on which the artist invites us to join a pure soundscape experience. The main influences of Proteque are moving in between experimental music and dark-ambient. Both influences together are leading the music towards dreamy and sometimes dark, chilling soundscapes.”

Brutal Resonance – “The first track “Nocturnal Sins” starts off well, reminding me of some of David Thrussel’s work with Soma. There’s a metallic drone that explores some interesting chordal progressions. Sometimes the choice of chords is just a bit too experimental for my tastes – a major chord suddenly thrown into a brooding dark ambient track can be a bit off putting.”

Innoverpust frå ei frosen brud

Tiden forlag (Norwegian) – “Gjennom poesien og stemningsskapende lydbilder blir poesien her gjort mer tilgjengelig for et publikum som kanskje vanligvis ikke oppsøker diktet.”

Romsdals Budstikke (Paper version in Norwegian – 3. january 2013) –  “Artisten og kunstneren Gjøran Sæther, med artistnavnet Proteque, og poeten Øysten Hauge har nå gått sammen i et prosjekt som utforsker området poesi, lyd og musikk.”

Demons will bring ut together

Brutal Resonance – “And, even the next song made beautiful and depressing, yet revelation-like sounds that came out very well. A Certain Kind Of Song almost sounds like the type you’d hear at a royal wedding ceremony as two lovers finally are able to hold and embrace one another for the world to see. It was a joy. The ending of the song, as the drone sounds mix in with the synths, is sheer ecstasy building up through your body.”

Ukens kulturprofil

Romsdals Budstikke (Paper version in Norwegian – 19. september 2013) – The culture profile of the week. Hogne Bø Petersen visited me and followed me during a recording and for a “chat” afterwards.