Proteque | Hallucinogenic Intentions
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Hallucinogenic Intentions

Hallucinogenic Intentions

Hello friends. I have a new release for you. This tune is a small teaser of the path I am on and what to come later this summer. However it did not really fit the project, so here it is for your pleasure. So stay tuned for whats to come and enjoy this tune. It will show up at Spotify as soon as they ingest it.

While waiting there are a few ways to get the tune. And always. Share! And do whatever you like with the song as long as you give me credits for it when used commercially or if you remix it.

Download mp3 or flac from ftp

Download lossless or any format from Bandcamp

You may set the price to 0,-. Its really okay. But if you choose to pay, the money will never find its way to any record label or stuff like that.

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