Proteque | Ambient Industrial artist Gjøran Sæther
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About Proteque

Gjøran Sæther aka Proteque

Proteque is… well my artist alias. I choose to express my art in many forms but the most used forms is through music and pictures (painted digitally, painted with acrylic paint on canvas and through photo). My photo and traditional paintings I release with my name which is Gjøran Sæther. The more digital art like music and motion I release as Proteque. This is the stuff you will find here. Proteque is also the handle I use in the demoscene for those who knows me from there.

After many years of nothing I started up making music again around 2007 but this time with sequencers and synthesizers. My main synth now is an ALESIS Micron but I also use soft synths like DIVA and ACE. I also use tape a lot when making music. I love the analog randomness a well used tape gives the music. My style in sound (and look too actually) is rather dark and experimental and somewhat towards cinematic. People familiar with genres tend to put me in the genres Ambient Industrial / Industrial Ambient (depends who you ask) and Dark Ambient.

All my music is and will always be without any DRM. Not that I think I am known enough for any DRM to be needed but I just think it is worth mentioning that I really like how the music industry is going now days, with stuff like bandcamp, drm-free iTunes Store and others. For me, bandcamp is the number one choice as it lets people download in whatever format and quality they like (well almost). I even release most of my music in creative commons. If you are considering commercial use just drop me an email and I will most likely say “sure. as long as you give me credits”. But just to be safe: please do email me! gjorans @ I HATE SPAM (and yes. remove the I HATE SPAM part).

On some of my music on bandcamp you can name the price yourself. Just so you know; it REALLY IS okay that you set the price to 0,-. I am just glad you took the time to download and listen. However IF you decide to pay, the money will be used for hosting this page, music distribution costs, new music equipment and stuff I feel like buying for myself. Absolutely nothing will ever find their way to any DRM-supporting record companies.