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25 Feb The Inner Calm

I have released a new EP. This time with a bit "less ambient" sound. If you are into Death Industrial this may be the thing for you. I have tried to capture the "inner calm" on this only to find something completely different. Have a listen...

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13 Jul Screaming silently

Screaming silently is now officially released. This is my third album and this time I had a blast recording inside the old nazi fortress from WW2 at julsundet just outside Molde in Norway to create the perfect reverbs for this album. I am also starting...

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05 Jun Smell of old electronics

Finally I have released my new album, smell of old electronics. It was released at Outline in Netherlands. I have worked on and off this project for 8 months. It is a concept album and should preferably be listened from start to finish for the...

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07 Jul Cholesterin

Two of my tracks was on the Tufs music disk named Cholesterin. The style is quite different from my other releases. Download all the soundtracks at this link. It also has some smashing electronic music by Stein Vegard Stavik, Hapungo and XNI....

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07 Mar Amanita sountracks

The tunes from the Amanita music disk is ready for download in any format you like. This is the studio versions of the album. You can also get the raw untouched recordings from the falcon. Buy at bandcamp, buy at itunes store, listen at spotify or...

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