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23 Jul Chapter One

So it begins. I started working on this last summer as one huge project. However it later became obvious that this needed to be parted in smaller parts rather than one huge album to work as I want it to. So here is the first...

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09 Jun Eris and Dysnomia – Terra

We are extremely proud to announce that our first release from Eris and Dysnomia is released. The EP that is named Terra is an experimental dark ambient interpretation of four distinct locations on the planet. The kind of audiologue that may well exist in some far...

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16 Feb Under Rosen

EDIT! THE ALBUM HAS BEEN REMOVED. SORRY BUT I STARTED TO HATE IT Sjelemesse 2.0 in a way. But not in all ways. Something different but the same approach. Have a listen and buy or download for free if you like it

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29 Aug Sjelemesse

Finally it is here. After a long time with trying to shape this I am finally done. It has been trashed, redone, trashed again and redone over and over again. In a way it now kind of sums up what I have done in my...

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28 Apr Demons Will Bring Us Together

Demons Will Bring Us Together is released. With this album I wanted to tell a very specific story through the feelings the soundtracks (hopefully) creates. In other words I had more focus on the artistic part of the soundtracks than on the presentation. I still...

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