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Sjelemesse Screaming silently cover art  Through my eyes cover art  Smell of old electronics cover art


Demons will bring us together The Inner Calm Glittering concrete  The Point Of Regret cover art  Amanita cover art  Innoverpust frå ei frosen brud


Norse cover art  Old man's last dance cover art  No break for the beatless cover art  Hallucinogenic Intentions cover art

Collections which include my music

Various artists -Forty Five Degrees Caesarean Confession Tapes

Playground and demoscene releases

Black Velvet – Released at kindergarden 2012 in the music competition. Mastering done by Klaus Lunde (

Stramm – Released at kindergarden 2009 in the music competition.

There was some rain and some sun in the forrest – Released at Solskogen 2009 in the music competition. It placed fifth.

Beauty from ashes – Released in the demo with the same name from Tufs. Won the hidden gem awards at the gathering 2009.

Name and faces – This is the tunes that was used in the music disk by Tufs names Cholesterin. You may also download the complete album with all artists from here.

Retro games remixes 1 – Remixes of old classics from C64 and Amiga.

Outrun remixes – Made just for fun in an afternoon. Remixes of the game music from the C64 version of the outrun game.