coverFinally it is here. After a long time with trying to shape this I am finally done. It has been trashed, redone, trashed again and redone over and over again. In a way it now kind of sums up what I have done in my EP’s the last 2 years in a single album.

The feelings in this story is a bit different from the others (which mostly are pure dark paths). This is a bit more “uplifting” story with the mixture of “normal” and the annoying dark passenger that still visits when he feels like it. I guess this is one of the things that made this a bit harder for me to express.

The name of the album is Sjelemesse. It is a Norwegian word that translates into English as requiem mass. The album has 7 tracks. Download from my bandcamp page.

She was beautiful

coverI have worked on this single soundtrack on and off for many months now. I don’t see it fitting on any EP or album any time soon so I decided to share it as a single for now. I may en up releasing it on an Album later if it somehow by luck fits. I usually don’t do this but this time I felt it was “right”.

I sure hope I am able shape your feelings the way I wanted with this. Enjoy.

Vocals: Gjøran Sæther (Proteque)
Music composing: Gjøran Sæther (Proteque)
Music performance: Gjøran Sæther (Proteque)
Production: Gjøran Sæther (Proteque)
Cover Photo: Greger Stolt Nilsen

Grimtown Records – Caesarean Confession Tapes

a3020161701_10One week ago Grimtown Records released the collection named Caesarean Confession Tapes. One of my tune was present on the release along some very fine releases from some other artists. If you enjoy noise based music this just may be the thing for you. The release is free over at bandcamp.

This is the second release from Grimtown Records I am included in and if you happened to miss the last one it is not too late. Download the more industrial release Operation Payload from Grimtown Records homepage.

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