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Music releases

16 Feb Under Rosen

EDIT! THE ALBUM HAS BEEN REMOVED. SORRY BUT I STARTED TO HATE IT Sjelemesse 2.0 in a way. But not in all ways. Something different but the same approach. Have a listen and buy or download for free if you like it

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29 Aug Sjelemesse

Finally it is here. After a long time with trying to shape this I am finally done. It has been trashed, redone, trashed again and redone over and over again. In a way it now kind of sums up what I have done in my...

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28 Apr Demons Will Bring Us Together

Demons Will Bring Us Together is released. With this album I wanted to tell a very specific story through the feelings the soundtracks (hopefully) creates. In other words I had more focus on the artistic part of the soundtracks than on the presentation. I still...

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25 Feb The Inner Calm

I have released a new EP. This time with a bit "less ambient" sound. If you are into Death Industrial this may be the thing for you. I have tried to capture the "inner calm" on this only to find something completely different. Have a listen...

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12 Oct Glittering Concrete

[caption id="attachment_503" align="alignleft" width="150"] Glittering Concrete[/caption] I have released a new EP called Glittering Concrete. This EP evolved while I was trying to dig deeper into my synth and experiencing with more "easy listening" ambient. All 4 tunes are made in a short period of time...

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13 Jul Screaming silently

Screaming silently is now officially released. This is my third album and this time I had a blast recording inside the old nazi fortress from WW2 at julsundet just outside Molde in Norway to create the perfect reverbs for this album. I am also starting...

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