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13 Jul Screaming silently

Screaming silently is now officially released. This is my third album and this time I had a blast recording inside the old nazi fortress from WW2 at julsundet just outside Molde in Norway to create the perfect reverbs for this album. I am also starting...

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20 Apr Creating reverb impulses at Julneset fortress

There where three men in a nazi fortress with a mic! What the fuck is going on?! Luckily it's just three music/sound nerds wanting to grab some reverb impulses. The guilty three are me andArild Lillebostad. An impulse response is for the normal people a recording of the reverberation that is caused by an acoustic space when an short sound is played. The sound can be an electric spark, starter pistol shot or the bursting of a balloon, for instance. We went for the ballon! A recording of this approximated ideal impulse may be used directly as an impulse response in a convolution reverb like Space Designer or Altiverb. Provided that the pulse is short enough compared to the impulse response, the result will be close to the true, theoretical, impulse response.
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17 Apr Norse

I wanted to play around a bit and do something different so I had a go at some doom/metal sounds. As this don't fit any of my up and coming projects I decided to just put the tune up for free download. Here goes. Download from...

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27 Jan The Point Of Regret

This EP/mini album/whatever you like to call it came to life when learning my new synth DIVA from u-he. I have also sampled a _lot_ of real life sounds that is in use. Hope you enjoy the listen as much as I enjoyed the making...

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10 Oct Through my eyes

My second album this year is out. I had a prerelease out which was a huge success. It will stay available for free download for a while longer before hitting the streets on CD and spotify/itunes/etc. Download from bandcamp....

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