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a3020161701_10One week ago Grimtown Records released the collection named Caesarean Confession Tapes. One of my tune was present on the release along some very fine releases from some other artists. If you enjoy noise based music this just may be the thing for you. The release is free over at bandcamp. This is the second release from Grimtown Records I am included in and if you happened to miss the last one it is not too late. Download the more industrial release Operation Payload from Grimtown Records homepage.

Just for fun I wanted to give one of my soundscapes (missing justification) a try on "normal" people (people who listens to "normal music" and not fans of the style (industrial ambien/dark ambient/industrial) I do). It was quite interesting (and fun) reading the reviews and I felt like sharing them with you. [soundcloud][/soundcloud]

Demons Will Bring Us Together is released. With this album I wanted to tell a very specific story through the feelings the soundtracks (hopefully) creates. In other words I had more focus on the artistic part of the soundtracks than on the presentation. I still...

I have released a new EP. This time with a bit "less ambient" sound. If you are into Death Industrial this may be the thing for you. I have tried to capture the "inner calm" on this only to find something completely different. Have a listen...

[caption id="attachment_503" align="alignleft" width="150"] Glittering Concrete[/caption] I have released a new EP called Glittering Concrete. This EP evolved while I was trying to dig deeper into my synth and experiencing with more "easy listening" ambient. All 4 tunes are made in a short period of time...

What is an impulse response?

An impulse response is for the normal people a recording of the reverberation that is caused by an acoustic space (could be: let's say a room) when a short sound is played. The sound can be an electric spark, starter pistol shot, a swipe or the bursting of a balloon, for instance.  A recording of this approximated ideal impulse may be used directly as an impulse response in a convolution reverb like Space Designer or Altiverb. Provided that the pulse is short enough compared to the impulse response, the result will be close to the true, theoretical, impulse response.