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Fragile is released. Thanx to Daniel Wressle for the great work on the mastering and Greger Stolt Nilsen for the great job on the cover art. Those of you who visited Solskogen have heard a shorter and a bit different version of Obnoxious Scars. Download in FLAC,...

As I have mentioned before and a lot of you already know, I started my creative life in the demoscene. This year scenesat gathered a lot of demoscene musician to make a FUCKING HUGE collection of music. It is extremely varied but of high quality....

Sometime during may 2013 me and Mikal started talking about this project. He was working on a text that would work great in my soundscape. The plan was to have his text being put into my interpretation and feelings of it translated into music/soundscape. One year later, several recordings and some deleted and redone soundscapes we are finally ready to present our work. We present to you, The Stain! Listen and download from Bandcamp

I am trying to learn to use Reaper while evaluating it. I think my transition from Logic is finally on a roll. I am actually so pleased with this tune that it may end up on an EP/Album at one point if it fits. Enjoy...

cover truthWelcome to my new album. It is an album about Truth. Truth is constructed by social processes and is historically and culturally specific. It is in part shaped through the power struggles within a community. This truth however; is my truth.

EDIT! THE ALBUM HAS BEEN REMOVED. SORRY BUT I STARTED TO HATE IT Sjelemesse 2.0 in a way. But not in all ways. Something different but the same approach. Have a listen and buy or download for free if you like it