Proteque | Eris and Dysnomia – Terra
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Eris and Dysnomia – Terra

Eris and Dysnomia – Terra

a1123951999_16We are extremely proud to announce that our first release from Eris and Dysnomia is released. The EP that is named Terra is an experimental dark ambient interpretation of four distinct locations on the planet. The kind of audiologue that may well exist in some far off traveller’s database of “places of interest” on this odd world.

Eris and Dysnomia is an experimental dark ambient collaboration between American artist G M Slater (Occurrences in Rain, The Elderbranch Campaign, 12 Frozen Radios) and Norwegian artist Gjøran Sæther (Proteque, Sinister Sister).

The EP is available as download or stream from bandcamp and from most download and stream services in a few days.




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